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Endoscopy prep in hospital by efficient nurses and physicians before a patient has her endoscopy procedure

Cary Endoscopy Center is an accredited ambulatory surgical center specializing in endoscopy procedures. Our center, located in Cary NC, has been a leading gastroenterology center in Wake County and surrounding areas for the last 21 years. We specialize in providing individual, quality care for eligible patients undergoing gastrointestinal procedures in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our patient satisfaction scores show that Cary Endoscopy Center takes all the appropriate measures to ensure a safe, comfortable, and professional environment.  Our team consists of GI board certified physicians, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, technicians, and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA’s).  Each team member has the extensive hands-on experience needed to provide quality care.

To ensure that patient care is effective, complete, and personal, each nurse is assigned to a patient and follows that patient from arrival through discharge.  Our CRNA’s see each patient at the bedside prior to the procedure, to explain what to expect from anesthesia, that they will be monitored as if they were in the hospital, and to answer any questions.

Patients’ feedback indicates they do not feel any discomfort during procedures and wake up in recovery feeling just as if they have only been asleep for a few minutes. Their satisfaction scores’ show that Cary Endoscopy Center takes all appropriate measures to ensure a safe, comfortable, and professional environment.

Our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional care, state-of-the-art enhanced endoscopy equipment, and a feeling that they are our first priority before, during, and after their procedure.

Happy physician reassuring a patient after his endoscopy procedure and telling patient about post endoscopy prep

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