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Our fees are within the usual and customary range for this area and reflect the level of care, which is provided to you. If you have any questions regarding our fees, please contact our billing department. If you have a co-pay, please be prepared to pay your office co-pay at the time of your office visit. We accept cash, check, Master Card, Visa and Discover.


Statements reflecting services rendered to you and any payments that have been made on the account by insurance or by you will be sent monthly.  Any remaining balance after insurance would be patient responsibility.  If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact our insurance office at 919-854-0041 Ext. 107.

Estimated Patient Responsibility

Procedures Billing Policy and Information

Procedures are typically done in our surgical center, and insurance provided by the patient is verified prior to the procedure date. While an estimate may be obtained from the insurance carrier, the estimate from the insurance provider is never a guarantee of benefits. Detailed information in regards to the policies for our procedure billing are found here. This link also provides information in regards to the differences between screening and diagnostic colonoscopies. While we do file insurance as a courtesy to all of our patients, the patient is responsible for any amount that the insurance does not meet.


There is a possibility that during your procedure, specimens are taken and sent to a laboratory for diagnostic testing. Charges incurred during the sending of specimens for further testing are billed through the insurance provided. Any amount that the insurance does not meet is billed to the patient from the Center for Digestive Diseases.


Anesthesia is administered during the procedure unless discussed otherwise with the physician. It is performed by skilled and licensed anaesthesia professionals for the safety and comfort of each of our patients.

Anesthesia is performed by a separate contracted team who work together with our own office staff to provide the utmost care during your procedure. Questions related to the financial responsibilities and/or billing can be directed to Anesthesia Care Services at either (888) 447-7220, or (336) 884-4595. Anaesthesia services are filed and billed separately by Anesthesia Care Services.

Insurance Accepted

Our office will submit the filing of insurance claims for services rendered. It is important that you provide us with the policy number, phone number, and the address of the insurance company.

Insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. We do not determine how much your insurance covers, but regardless, it is the responsibility of the patient for payment of services rendered. Our physicians accept most major major insurance plans and these plans are listed below.