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No. Unfortunately, cream is not a clear liquid.  The day prior to your procedure you will begin a Clear Liquid Diet.  Clear liquids are liquids you can see through such as apple juice, chicken broth, gator aid and soda.  Refer to our Colonoscopy Preparation paperwork for more examples.

Milkshakes are not a clear liquid, as you cannot see through the substance. 

We recommend taking any Beta Blocker the morning of your procedure.  Most medications can wait until after your procedure is over.  If you have specific concerns please call and speak with an endoscopy nurse.

We do recommend mixing your prep and placing it in the refrigerator several hours before it is time to begin drinking.  Ice may be added to the prep solution.  Drinking the prep while chilled makes it easier to tolerate.

Yes,  you may take your prescription sleep medication and or muscle relaxants as prescribed by your physician.

Any clear liquid, except alcoholic beverages.  No red or purple liquids.  Refer to the Colonoscopy Preparation instructions, Clear Liquid Diet, received from your physician’s office for more examples.

You will need to bring a responsible adult,  18 years old or older.  If requested to fill out New Patient Paperwork bring that with you completed.  Bring any CPAP equipment and any inhalers you may use.  Dress comfortably and leave all valuables at home as we are not responsible for any lost items.

Yes, please bring the completed, signed paperwork with you on the day of your procedure.

The actual procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes.  Expect to stay with us for approximately 2 hours to prepare for the procedure as well as recovering from the anesthesia.

The prep causes diarrhea.  This is normal, so plan to be near a restroom.  The diarrhea can start just a few minutes after drinking the prep.  Some patients feel bloated and report some abdominal discomfort and cramping pain.  Sometimes patients feel nauseated while drinking the prep solution. Please do not allow the taste or the smell of the solution to prevent you from finishing the prep.

Stop drinking the prep for about 20 minutes, then try again.

Try drinking the prep through a straw.

Lie on your left side to reduce nausea.

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.  Take slow deep breathes.

Refrigerate the prep.  It is easier to drink chilled.

Distract yourself by doing something you enjoy like watching a movie, doing a puzzle or reading a book.

Plan to be near a bathroom.

Stay well hydrated the day before your procedure by drinking plenty of clear liquids.

Dress comfortably.

All people respond to the bowel prep differently.   Some people begin having diarrhea very soon after starting the prep.  For others, it may not begin working for 1 or 2 hours.   Be sure you are drinking enough fluids.    If you have no response 3-5 hours after the first prescribed dose continue to drink plenty of water and call your doctor.  The morning of your procedure your bowel movements should be clear and yellow, urine color.

It is normal to feel bloated after your procedure.  This sensation is relieved as gas is passed.  You may feel sleepy for the rest of your day.  You may not drive or make important legal or business decisions for the rest of the day.  We recommend that you go home and take it easy.  You may have special discharge instructions to follow.  If the physician removes polyps or takes biopsies, our office will notify you with the pathology results in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

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