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The following are general guidelines at the time of discharge. Detailed individualized instructions may also be added depending on the results of your procedure.

  1. For the next 24 hours:
    * Do not drive a car or do anything that requires alertness.
    * Do not stay by yourself or drink any alcohol.
    * Do not make important legal or business decisions. Your alertness, memory and balance may be impaired today due to the
    sedation give for your procedure.
    * It is recommended that you refrain from travel the week following a procedure in the event of complications.
  2. Notify your physician if you experience any of the following:
    * Severe abdominal pain and /or swelling
    * Fever greater then 101.5
    * Vomiting repeatedly or vomiting blood
    * Black tarry stools
    * Rectal bleeding of amount greater than 2 tablespoons
    * Redness, tenderness and swelling at IV site that lasts for more than 48 hours Chest pain
    * Shortness of breath
    * Rapid Heartrate…. Call 911

It is not uncommon after a Colonoscopy or after the first bowel movement to see a small amount of blood from the rectum or after an endoscopy or esophageal dilatation to see a small amount of blood in the sputum or to have a sore throat.

Please call your physician if you have problems. 919-854-0041.
After hours, call the office and an answering service will help you locate the physician on call.

If you are unable to reach a physician but feel your condition warrants a doctor’s attention, go to an Emergency Room near you.

Procedure Discharge